LED + Energy Efficient Lighting

Often this is the easy intervention, the ‘low hanging fruit”. We have completed many successful energy efficient lighting interventions where we have replaced energy hungry lamps with efficient lighting solutions. Some examples are when we retrofitted most of the top restaurants at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town with LED lights without compromising the establishments’ ambiance and dimming requirements.

Many of our competitors fail in this regard where they are unable to synchronise the new LED lights with the existing intelligent lighting dimming system. We achieved this to the satisfaction of all our highly discerning clients.

All the restaurants and hotels reported that there was no compromise in their offering to the clients in terms of ambiance even though energy efficient lighting was installed.

The customers did not even notice the change in lighting. This sets us apart from our competition where there are numerous complaints about having energy efficiency lighting at the expense of the customer experience. We also offer industrial lighting solutions.

Typically this would be the replacement of 400W high bay lighting with energy efficient 200W Metal Halide light fittings, an immediate reduction of 50% in power consumption by the existing lighting installation. This intervention is very successful in factories and warehouses.