Green Building Accreditation

What is a green building?

Green buildings, as described on the Green Building Council website, are energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible sites.

Energy Efficient

Research reveals that Green Star SA buildings enjoy energy savings of between 25% and 50% compared to buildings designed to SANS 204 standards. The payback periods of energy and water saving practices are becoming much shorter as a result of increasing utility costs and the wider availability of more affordable green building technology.

Resource Efficient

Green buildings are future-proofed against increases in utility costs, potential energy and water supply problems, tightening legislation, carbon taxes and the impact of mandatory energy efficiency disclosure, as well as costly retrofits or even obsolescence. Improved internal environment quality (IEQ) from increased ventilation, temperature and lighting control, the use of natural light and the absence of toxic materials result in the improved health, comfort and wellbeing of building occupants. This has been shown to increase productivity – always a significant factor in the profitability of a business. Studies show improvements in productivity of up to 20% which easily covers any premium paid for higher quality green space.

Environmentally responsible

Green building practices can have a significant impact on combating climate change and help to create truly sustainable communities.

Our offering

We have partnered with a leading Green Building Council Assessor to assess your current situation and assist in applying for and obtaining a rating for your building with the Green Building Council. Extensive studies in the United States and Australia have shown rental rates in green buildings to be approximately 6% and 5% higher, respectively.