Energy Efficiency Solutions

What we know

  • Old technology is wasting up to 80% of energy
  • South Africa has a huge shortage of electricity
  • For the foreseeable future the electricity tariff may rise by up to 25% per annum
  • Government is willing to SUBSIDISE new technology that helps cut costs and saves valuable resources

Energy Audit

  • We can save you and your business a substantial amount of money by monitoring your current energy consumption.
  • The process is conducted over a period of at least 1 week whereby we conduct on- site inspections and Internet based, online real time monitoring of your energy consumption
  • We then provide a report on the current position

Expert Advice

  • Our resident electrical engineer will design a complete custom energy saving solution for your home or business based on the monitoring report and your requirements.
  • Our solution not only meets with stringent energy saving criteria, but also conforms to the highest standard as far as aesthetic appeal and, of course, commercial viability to you and your business is concerned. Payback period from as little as 3 months!!