Case Studies

The famous Fire & Ice! Hotel in Cape Town appointed Greenstar Power to replace all inefficient lighting with LEDs. The General Manager was very concerned that the very popular blue and red, fire and ice theme would be compromised by the retrofit. The result was stunning, an improvement to the existing ambience, whilst enjoying a 90% saving on the energy consumption of the lighting.

Project cost - R472 000
Client’s cost - R189 000
Annual savings - R226 000
Simple payback -10 months

Johan Cronje (GM) 021-488 2500



African Pride’s 5 STAR Hotel, 15 on Orange in Cape Town, decided to try and reduce their energy consumption by retrofitting all their halogen downlighters with dimmable LEDs. They project cost was almost R1m and the result was an amazing payback of only 7 months.

Project cost - R998 000
Client’s cost - R327 000
Annual savings - R540 000
Simple payback - 7 months

Marcel Anthony (FM) 021-469 8000



 Another African Pride 5 STAR Hotel, Crystal Towers also decided to reduce their energy consumption by retrofitting the existing lighting. There were two major concerns for management: retaining the unique ambience that the magenta neon lighting produced and whether the LEDs would be bright enough in the conference rooms. Greenstar produced an installation that proved to surpass the existing lighting as well as delivering impressive energy savings.

Project cost                         R697 000
Client’s cost                         R233 000
Annual savings                   R342 000
Simple payback                  8 months

Roger Watts (FM)  021-525 3888



Located in the heart of the Waterfront, Belthazar has been impressing locals and tourists alike since 1994. The owner was keen on energy savings but was extremely dubious whether the LEDs would dim low enough to provide the late night, after dinner ambiance that was so important to this high class steakhouse establishment. Added to this was the fact that all lighting was controlled by an automatic electronic control system. We delivered an installation impressed the owner so much that he decided to install LEDs at his home as well.

Project cost - R84 250
Client’s cost - R32 000
Annual savings - R96 000
Simple payback - 4 months 

Ian Halfon (owner) 021- 421 3756


Wispeco Aluminium, South Africa’s largest aluminium product manufacturer, appointed Greenstar to retrofit their large Cape Town factory in Parow Industria. This installation presented different challeges to the restaurants and hotels in that lux levels were more important than ambiance and dimming. We reduced their factory lighting energy costs by 50% and at the same time, improved their lux levels by 20%. Needless to say, management is extremely happy with our company and we are now in talks with them to look at renewable energy alternatives for their factories.

Project cost - R219 000
Client’s cost - R117 000
Annual savings - R117 000
Simple payback - 12 months

Esbe van Zyl (Engineer) 021-959 5400


Protea Hotel, Stellenbosch was our first major LED retrofit. Besides the hotel lighting, Greenstar also retrofitted the external lighting as well as the street lighting. A dramatic reduction in the lighting energy consumption at Stellenbosch prompted other hotels in the Protea Group to contact Greenstar with the intention of embarking on retrofit projects of their own.

Project cost - R355 000
Client’s cost - R124 000
Annual savings - R212 000
Simple payback - 7 months                 

Sebastiaan Victor (GM) 021-880 9500


Renewable Energy (Green Building Rating)
Grove Exchange is providing a renewable energy source by placing over 200 solar P.V. panels situated on the flat roof portion ol the existing building.
This over R1 million project will produce over 80 00Okw/h of solar electricity which will be used to power the buildings basement parking and common area lighting. This, together with energy efficient L.E.D lighting and
other low carbon footprint initiatives, will enable Grove Exchange to qualify for a 3 star Existing Building Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.